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7th Infrastructure & Environmental Management Symposium in Yamaguchi 2008
Main topic: "Civil Infrastructure and High Performance Repairing Materials"

28th(Fri) Nov. 2008, Meeting Room of Tokiwa Engineering Society Hall, Ube, Japan


10:00-10:10Opening RemarksProf. Ayaho Miyamoto (Yamaguchi University)
10:15-11:45Special Lecture 1 "Materials Selection & Evaluation System for Waterproof Layer in Concrete Slabs" Dr. Jun Takahashi (Chief Researcher, Central Research Institute of Denki Kagaku Kogyo K.K., Japan)
11:45-13:00Lunch Time
13:00-14:30Special Lecture 2 "High Performance Repairing Materials / Systems in Europe for Concrete Bridges" Mr. Ansgar Tölle (Sika, Germany)
15:00-16:30Special Lecture 3 "Development of High Performance Fiber Reinforced Composites in Civil Engineering Applications" Mr. Atsuhisa Ogawa (Chief, Fibers and Industrial Materials Division of Kuraray Co., Ltd., Japan)
16:30-16:40Concluding RemarksProf. Hidetoshi Kita (Yamaguchi University)
17:00-19:00Ice Breaking at University Lounge

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