About This Symposium

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Monument at University College London Monument at Yamaguchi Univ.

Object & Scope

Both Choshu, old name of Yamaguchi in Edo-era, and London have over some 150 years of history for good collaboration through our Choshu-Five (five young samurais of Choshu) who became the great leaders at the Meiji restoration after they came back from the studying abroad, see following page: ( http://www.city.hagi.yamaguchi.jp/hagihaku/event/choshu5/english.htm)

Then, we have organized newly a memorial symposium between Yamaguchi University and the University London. The First and Second Choshu-London Memorial Symposium in the field of Chemistry were held in Ube, Yamaguchi, 22nd of March 2005 & 7th of March 2006, respectively, organized by Prof. A. Kamimura of Yamaguchi University. The major concerns in the next symposium, the 3rd Memorial Symposium in Lifetime Engineering of Civil Infrastructure, which will be held 18th of January 2007, are discussions related to maintenance strategies for civil infrastructures, because lifetime engineering of civil infrastructure is becoming one the most important issues in the sustainable development of societies not only both countries but also all over the world.

Ayaho Miyamoto
Yamaguchi University, Japan
August, 2006