SIMO-RCES Joint Seminar on Health Monitoring of Bridges

About the Seminar

Bridge health monitoring using information technology and sensors is capable of providing more accurate knowledge of bridge performance than traditional strategies. Therefore, advanced research works and international collaboration are needed to establish the practical bridge health monitoring system.

The SIMO Project Group at VTT Technical Research Center, Finland and the Research Center for Environmental Safety(RCES) of Yamaguchi University has agreed each other to organize a Joint Seminar for discussing/sharing research ideas and the latest topics related to bridge health monitoring.

We believe that the Seminar might make an excellent opportunity to discuss the new challenges of future international collaborations.

Ayaho Miyamoto(Chairman)
Professor of Yamaguchi University,

Ilkka Hakola(Chairman)
Senior Research Scientist,
VTT Technical Research Centre,

Akito Yabe(Chairman)
Chief Engineer, Kozo Keikaku Eng. Inc.,

January, 2009

Sponsored by

Yamaguchi University
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Research Center for Environmental Safety (RCES)
REHATEC Research Group
Chugoku Regional Branch, The Society of Materials Science