2nd International Symposium

2nd International Symposium

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 The workshop will be held at International Hotel Ube (=Kokusai Hotel Ube). The International Hotel Ube is located in Ube city, which is an industrial city with a population of about 180 000.



Map of Japan
hotel Map of Yamaguchi prefecture
Map of Ube city


 From Kansai International Airport (KIX, in Osaka) the best way to come to Ube is to use train, but from Narita International Airport (NRT, in Tokyo) the best way to come Ube is to use airplane.

From Kansai International Airport (KIX) At the Kansai Airport take Limited Express Haruka train to Shinosaka station, there change to bullet train Shinkansen (Nozomi – only stops at main stations, Hikari – makes some more stops than Nozomi, Kodama – stop at every station) to Shinyamaguchi station, and there take a local train to Ubeshinkawa station. The details of the train travel can be checked using the following link, insert “start point” (Kansai) and “destination” (Ubeshinkawa) and click the“search” button. On the page that opens fill in the details and click “search”. As a result you get the timetables where you can check the stops, transfer times, etc.


From Ubeshinkawa station there is only a five-minute walk to the hotel (International = Kokusai Hotel Ube), see the map below. map of ube From Narita International Airport (NRT)

There are 8 daily flights to Yamaguchi-Ube Airport (UBJ) from Tokyo, but they all leave from Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND). The best way to get from Narita Airport to Haneda Airport is to use the Limousine Bus, see the link:

The flight from Haneda Airport to Yamaguchi-Ube Airport takes around 1.5 hours. From the front of the Yamaguchi-Ube Airport there is a bus connection (20 minutes) to Ubeshinkawa station, the bus is scheduled with the arrival of the plane. Taxi from the Yamaguchi-Ube Airport directly to the hotel (International = Kokusai Hotel Ube) takes around 15 minutes.

Of course it is possible to come from Tokyo to Ube by train, like from Osaka. Shinkansen train from Tokyo station to Shinyamaguchi station takes 5 – 6 hours and then the local train from Shinyamaguchi station to Ubeshinkawa station one hour more. If you choose the train option from Tokyo to Ube, use “start point” Tokyo and “destination” Ubeshinkawa on the website. To get from Narita Airport to Tokyo station use the Narita Express train.

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